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Very Really Good

Aug 26, 2021

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This week, we talk about my card selling for hundreds on eBay, getting stopped to take a breathalyzer, OnlyFans, Hasan's house backlash, business boy TikTok; and I give...

Aug 18, 2021

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this week; we talk about my new main channel video, stinky celebs, and then we read a Kurtis Conner x Obama fan fiction that also features my buddy Danny Gonzalez....

Aug 11, 2021

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This week we talk about getting scammed, psoriasis merch, David Dobrik's video titles, Dababy's weird concert comments, and we watch literally the funneist TikTok I've ever seen! enjoy :)

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Aug 4, 2021

This week: we walk about Jeff Bezos going to space, Simone Biles, quirky Ben Shapiro, I give some advice; and so much more! Enjoy :) 

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